Saturday, March 31, 2007


NEWS: Katie Fisher: Socialite sings hymns to Hillsong

News (can be used as illustration) A Gate-Crasher's Change of Heart

News: Ruth Graham Dies at 87

NEWS: Station in Guatemala Reaching Mexicans for Christ

INFO: Creation Museum

INFO: From YouTube to God Tube

NEWS: Baptist Pastor Shot Dead in South Africa
February 2, 2007

NEWS: Ted Haggard's accuser accuser visits church
February 2, 2007

Doors Now Wide Open for Christian Clubs at Nation's Schools
December 27, 2006

Embryo Cloning Gets the Go-ahead
December 27, 2006

Persecutions on Christans in Eritrea
December 27, 2006

News: Families in India Driven from Homes for Receiving Christ
December 8, 2006

Film Review: One Night With the King
October 21, 2006

Two Eritrean Christians Tortured to Death
October 21, 2006

NBC Puts Sliced 'Veggies' on Saturday Morning Kids Menu
Sept 18, 2006

Movie by Georgia church gets Hollywood's attention
Sept 15, 2006

Man seeks to end guardianship for wife
Aug 29, 2006

Praying Aloud Gets Man Jailed
August 26, 2006

Pastor's Wife Forged a Success of Her Own
August 16, 2006

Stephen Baldwin Takes ‘Livin It’ For Jesus To The Extreme
August 9, 2006

Religious Switching in America Today
July 1, 2006

4 Christians Arrested for Praying
June 21, 2006

Church SUED in Dallas because of Church Discipline
May 30, 2006

How Churches are Reacting to the Da Vinci Code Movie
May 18, 2006

UFO Study finds no sign of aliens
May 8,2006

Judge Says Ten Commandments Can Stay
April 21, 2006

Gay Man Wins Internet Fight vs. Falwell
April 20, 2006

Coral Springs Dad Charged With Abuse Claims Bible PermitsSpanking
April 14, 2006